Face Plan

Face Plan in an easy way to budget for your treatments. It is not a loan or a credit agreement.
There are no fees, charges or interest to pay. In fact, the cost of your treatments will be lower when you are on FACEplan.

FACEplan spreads the cost of your treatments that you need over the course of the year into a smaller monthly payment collected by direct debit. The direct debits are collected in a name that you choose to ensure that there are no references to cosmetic treatments on your bank statements.

For example , if you require Botulinum Toxin treatment to 3 areas it will cost you £220.
Normally you will require this done 3 times a year. The total cost would be £660.

When you take out a FACEplan with us , we will apply a discount around 10%

On a FACEPlan, the above treatments would only cost you £600 ( saving you £60 a year ).
A direct debit will be set up for £50 per month so that you don’t have to pay out £220 each time you visit.

The plan is flexible and if you choose to have another treatment ( like a chemical peel ) , we can accommodate this as long as it has been pre-paid and is not more than the cost of the treatments you choose to have. Of course if you needs change , the plan can be adapted to suit your needs.

There are no tie-ins, no lock in periods or funny small print. You can cancel at any time but we are sure you will not want to. Unlike your Gym membership , this is one membership you will use.

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