DNA Testing

DNA Testing

We are able to offer you Paternity Testing on a managed basis

Paternity DNA Testing
Paternity testing is the test for which we have the greatest demand and is used to establish whether an Alleged Father is or is not the biological father of a child. We Offer Two Types of Paternity Test:

The Standard Paternity Test involves testing the Mother, Child and the Alleged Father to establish paternity.

The Motherless Paternity Test involves testing the Alleged Father and Child to establish paternity and can be used if the mother does not wish to or is unavailable to take part in the test and we have the appropriate consent for the test to be carried out.

Legal DNA Test
Tests for any legal purpose such as: immigration, changing a birth certificate, child support payments, or probate, our Legal Test Service is required. For a DNA Test to be valid in a court of law, there is a strict chain of custody. All DNA mouth swab samples must be taken from participants by a registered GP or Nurse, or who is a member of the Symphony Medical DNA sampling team.